About Me

Hi There!

I grew up with two grandmothers who were amazing cooks, and I loved being in the kitchen with them. As a lawyer I loved the idea of cooking and collected cookbooks, but with long hours and being often on the road, my chance to cook was basically zero.
When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I soon realised the best gift I could give them was an introduction to good nutritious food cooked from whole foods, and an education to make good food choices.
I am passionate about my children knowing that food does not come from packaged, boxed or frozen foods, or from a window at a fast food outlet.


From the time they were babies they have been in the kitchen with me, watching me cook and learning about how food is prepared.
Cooking doesn’t have to mean fine dining. I am no Nigela Lawson, I am an everyday mum who is a good average cook who believes that simple wholesome food is the way to a happy healthy family.


Friends and family encouraged me to set up a website to share my recipes and ideas, and I believe that if my recipes and ideas helps one family eat well, without stress and fuss, then this website has been a success.