Awesome Backyard Makeover Ideas on Your Budget

Comprehensive Backyard Remodeling Services

Whether you’re looking to expand your patio or simply refresh the landscaping, these yard renovation ideas will help you create a first-rate outdoor space.

Experts recommend keeping yard projects attainable and DIY-friendly when working with a budget. Clearly define areas where you’ll dine, lounge or play with kids. And add visual interest with dividers like stone-lined sections or compartments.


Whether you’re looking to impress guests or simply enjoy the outdoors more, renovating your backyard can make it more functional. Defining spaces like a dining patio, shady lounging spot, or vegetable garden can help you plan a landscape that suits your family’s needs.

It’s also important to consider the style of your home and choose hardscape, furnishings, and plants that complement it. For example, a sleek fireplace and couch sectional might complement a modern house while Adirondack-style chairs may suit a rustic cabin.

If you’re planning a pool, remember that city permitting can add a layer of complexity to your renovation project. In many cases, it’s best to complete a large part of your design and then wait until you have a permit to begin construction on the most labor-intensive elements. This will ensure that your design is on track and you don’t run into any costly delays.


Backyard makeovers are a fun way to transform your yard into a place you love. They can range in scope from basic lawn work to adding a firepit and shady lounging spots. However, budgets are often a big factor for homeowners planning backyard upgrades.

Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on backyard renovations. For example, repurposing materials is a great way to cut costs—old tires make stellar flower beds, for instance, and rocks from your uneven stone garden path can help line a walkway for a fraction of the cost of buying new landscaping supplies.

Another simple way to save money on a backyard upgrade is to clearly define spaces. Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, a shady lounging spot or even a play area for kids, making these areas distinct makes the entire yard feel more functional and inviting. Plus, it cuts down on maintenance work.


Choosing materials is an important part of making a backyard renovation a reality. Start by considering the styles of hardscape and furnishings that best suit your home’s facade. For example, a modern fire pit and lightweight outdoor furniture complement a contemporary house, while a rustic wood table and Adirondack chairs pair well with a cottage or bungalow.

If you’re unsure what materials would work best with your garden design, ask your landscaping contractor for suggestions. Concrete, for instance, is a versatile choice that can be stamped and stained to create different designs and hues. It’s also easy to maintain, making it ideal for patios and walkways.

Another popular material is pavers. They offer a wide range of designs, from ones that look like natural stone to timber-effect styles. These patio pavers allow grass to grow in the cracks between them, which adds to the garden’s sense of order and ties the patio to its surroundings.


When it comes to backyard renovations, costs vary greatly. Backyard gardens and plantings generally have lower installation costs, as homeowners can set them up themselves (with the exception of trees, which require professional plant installation). But hardscapes, such as patios and decks, are usually more expensive.

It’s also important to consider any additional elements you might want in your yard, such as screening, privacy or noise-mitigating features. In addition, make note of what you love about your current yard, such as the shape or location of the garden, the color and texture of its plantings or the way a particular feature, like a tree or walkway, looks.

This backyard needed some serious attention. But with new turf, a backyard fire pit and plenty of eye-catching stone in the seating area and walkways, this yard is now ready for entertaining. It took 2.5 years but the results are worth it! The DIYs in this backyard include tearing down the fence, making garden beds, creating the stone patio and adding that awesome cedar walkway.