Campfire Beer, Herb & Cheese Damper

I do not know about you, but my family has been incredibly excited that we are able to get back on the road and camp again after so long. While we have been able to camp locally in our own State or Territory for a while its exciting to see the borders opening up and people able to get back on the road again for their long awaited trip.

There is nothing like sitting around a campfire on a cold morning or evening and eating food that has cooked long and slow over the campfire. While we all love our slow cookers nothing quite beats old fashioned slow cooking over coals.

I think my favourite meal camping is definitely breakfast which is odd because generally I do not eat breakfast. But the smell of fresh bread, bacon and eggs over a fire permeates the air there is absolutely no way that even I could refuse beautiful warm bread or a bacon and egg sandwich.

This is my all time favourite damper. Growing up in inner city Melbourne there was not a lot of opportunity to eat let alone make damper unless we were on a school excursion so I always get excited about damper.

I love the mix of fresh herbs, tons of cheese and the flavour of the beer through the damper and when you slather it with butter and/or jam I am instantly transferred into my own little heaven with the butter dripping over my fingers (because lets face it there is no delicate way to eat this) and wiping up the melted butter from the plate with the bread it is just the best part of my camping trips each and every time.

For those of you camping with kids, this is a great recipe for the kids to get their hands dirty and get introduced to the simple pleasure of cooking over an open fire with a delicious end result.

Prep 10 min // Cook 30 min


3 1/2 cups of self raising flour

pinch salt

1 bottle of beer

40g butter

4 tbs fresh herbs diced (I used tarragon, continental parsley, oregano and thyme)

1 cup grated cheese (I used a mix of Parmesan and cheddar)


Place flour, salt, cheese and herbs into a bowl and mix well.

Rub through the butter and make a well in the centre and pour in the beer.

Using a butter knife slowly form the ingredients into a dough. **see note

Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and gently knead the dough into a circle.

Cut a cross on top of the dough and brush with some oil.

Place a trivet into the camp oven and either place the dough directly onto the trivet or a metal tray and place the lid on the camp oven.

Place on the fire and place hot coals over the lid.

Rotate the camp oven every so oven to ensure its cooked evenly

When the damper sounds "hollow" when tapped it is cooked through.

Slice and serve hot with butter.

Note: Making damper is not the same as making bread and mixing it and kneading it as you would bread will make your damper dense and tough and frankly not nice to eat at all. As damper does not have yeast in it you need to mix and knead it the same as you would a scone recipe. Lightly bring the ingredients together with a butter knife and when you turn it out "shape" it into your round circle rather than knead it using gentle and minimal interaction with the dough.

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