Lunchbox Photos Week 1

Updated: May 16, 2019

Welcome to the first of my weekly wrap ups for lunchboxes.

When I first started looking at lunchbox ideas for the twins I bought cookbooks. They had great ideas but I had no idea how to use the recipe in a complete lunchbox.

Here at EDMK I love creating recipes for parents to use in their children's lunchbox, but moreover I want to show you how to use these quick and easy recipes in creating the lunchboxes.

Lunchbox making/creating has become a revolution. There are literally millions of posts each day from parents requesting help, assistance and advice on lunchbox ideas, recipes and what to pack in lunchboxes.

This weekly blog is EDMK's attempt to assist those parents who, like me, need a visual example of how a lunchbox recipe can make a complete lunchbox.

People often ask me if the twins really eat the recipes I create and post on the website.

The simple answer is YES! The photos I will post on the weekly blog are the lunchboxes I have made for the twins each day to go to school.

This week is our first week back and I have only had to make lunchboxes for two days. The twins are doing a pre-prep year and attend four days a week.

I usually make them a lunchbox for the non-school day, but Townsville is currently experiencing an extreme weather event with large rainfalls and flooding so there is no outside exploring for the twins this week, and Mummy gets a day off lunchbox making!

Sandwich cups can be made into pizzas and cooked in 5 minutes!

Wednesday was our first day at our new school. I teamed two EDMK recipes to make the lunchboxes in 10 minutes. Mini Banana Bread Loaves for a healthy snack and Sandwich Cups which I made into pizzas for their main food item. I then added some fruit, vegetables and cheese, crackers and kabana.

For fussy eaters the vegetable loaves are a great way to hide vegetables to create a balanced lunchbox

Thursday the twins created their own lunchbox. From the EDMK recipes we used Mini Vegetable Loaves and Lunchbox Slice. We added some sultanas and fruit and I tested out a new recipe of Chicken and Cheese Nuggets.

The food picks are a great way to get interest in a new food item, and of course to dip the food into the sauce provided (in this case homemade BBQ sauce for my son and the EDMK tomato ketchup for my daughter).

I hope this week's blog gives you some inspiration to incorporate EDMK recipes into your lunchboxes.

I look forward to sharing our lunchboxes with you from next week, and keep your fingers crossed we do not float down the river that is currently approaching our home via flood water as we speak!

Brooke x

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