Lunchbox Photos Week 2

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

After the false start to the school year for Townsville kids due to the flood crisis, the twins school was deemed safe to return to this week.

It has been a tough week juggling everything that comes with your home being devastated by flood and that included lunchboxes!

As those who have been through a disaster know, it's often the little things that make you cry. For me, it was the realisation that due to our power being cut on 31 February I had lost the entire bulk cook for school lunches I had completed for our Facebook Event.

Certainly a first-world problem in the scheme of things, (and given what we have lost) but at the time it was the straw that broke the camels back.

Fast forward past that minor meltdown, an amazing friend did some baking for the twins, and I reminded myself there was something called a supermarket where I could buy food to put inside the lunchboxes.

We are at the end of the twins school week, we survived lunchboxes, and I even got to test a new recipe of Hot Cross Buns which will feature on the website next week.

Sandwich cut out as seen in 1 sandwich 5 ways from EDMK

Monday. Using the EDMK sweet muffin recipe, lunches were completed with yoghurt and fruit and a sandwich filled with ham, cheese, lettuce and carrot using cookie cutters.

Leftover meat from dinner is a great addition to wraps

Tuesday I used leftover honey soy chicken and made wraps with cheese, lettuce and garlic aioli.

EDMK recipes were featured with beef and vegetable sausage rolls and our new Hot Cross Bun recipe.

The lunchbox was completed with fruit, carrot and snow peas.

Mini Pizzas are a great treat for a lunchbox and still healthy

Wednesday was a HUGE hump day for my family and we all know pizza solves EVERYTHING! So homemade pizza it was! I had some sausage left from dinner the night before, and added cheese and crackers, veggie sticks and a hot cross bun.

Simple food done right

Today is the end of our school week. Emotions were running high this morning.

I was tired, the twins were tired and everything needed to be simple.

A sandwich on chia bread with our new fragrant poached chicken recipe and some ham, teamed with a EDMK sweet muffin, cheese and crackers, fruit and vegetables.

That is it for this week with our lunchboxes. I hope you find some inspiration in this weeks' blog, and keep an eye out for the Hot Cross Bun recipe!!

Brooke x

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