Lunchbox Photos Week 4

Updated: May 16, 2019

Week 3 for school was a bit of a disaster in our house. The twins were unsettled following the floods and instead of lunchbox making, this Mumma dished out plenty of hugs and kisses and we went on adventures instead. Sometimes the best medicine is time, love and laughs!

It appeared to be the right medicine because Week 4 has been a good week and here are our lunchboxes featuring EDMK recipes.

EDMK Hot Cross Bun and Nan's Biscuits

Monday - The twins chose their own lunch. A request of sausage rolls, Hot Cross Bun and Nans Biscuits, Greek yoghurt and berries, with fruit and veggie sticks was made and it was the perfect way to start the school week.

EDMK Chewy Museli Bar Slice

Tuesday - It was a wrap kind of day with chicken schnitzel and salad accompanied with vegetables on the side, the amazing Chewy Muesli Bar Slice and some fruit.

Its all about EDMK Worm Cup recipes!!

Wednesday - It was time for some fun and I whispered in their ears, "Be careful opening your lunchbox in case the worms escape!" We had EDMK Worm Bolognese Cups, Nan's Biscuit, veggie sticks, fruit and some leftover gluten free sausage.

EDMK Chicken and Veggie Burgers

Thursday - Burger day in our house with the chicken and vegetable burgers being a huge hit teamed with chia bread and hummus, veggie sticks, fruit and a piece of chewy muesli bar slice.

And finally ...

If you asked the twins what was the favourite in their lunchbox this week - Miss Eme would say the burgers and Master Mackie would say the muesli slice and the worms. I wonder what your kids would think is the best from these recipes?

Happy lunchbox making. I hope these boxes give you some inspiration!

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