Lunchbox Photos Week 5

Updated: May 16, 2019

A week of firsts here for the twins starting with Pancake Tuesday (courtesy of the Grade 5 students), Ash Wednesday service, and thankfully Mummy remembering a meat-free lunchbox on that day!

This week I have been creating in my love/hate temporary kitchen, and some of these creations were tested on the twins in their lunchboxes this week!

EDMK Pork, Mushroom and Herb Sausage Rolls and Nans Biscuit

Monday - A new recipe creation found its way into our lunchboxes a tasty Pork, Mushroom and Herb Sausage Roll, which was a perfect morning tea snack. Accompanying it was a ham, cheese and lettuce sandwich on chia bread, EDMK Nan's biscuit, fruit and veggie sticks.

EDMK Herbed Lamb Meatballs and Chewy Muesli Bar Slice

Tuesday - We had flavours of Morocco and Greece in these AMAZING meatballs and we completed the lunch box with our current favourite Chewy Muesli Bar Slice, chia bread with cream cheese, fruit and vegetables.

EDMK Cheese Rolls and sweet potato, cheese and spinach muffins

Wednesday - With Ash Wednesday it was a meat-free day in our house, and the perfect time to show off these two new creations - Chia Cheese Rolls and Sweet Potato, Cheese and Spinach Muffins or "hulk muffins" as determined by my superhero obsessed son. Add a biscuit and some fruit and vegetables and it was the perfect meat-free lunchbox!

EDMK Apple & Strawberry slice and corn dip

Thursday - Another new creation thanks to the twins saying it's "not cool" to eat an apple whole. Apple and Strawberry Slice is a MAJOR hit in this house and it has been eaten already! Along with EDMK beautiful Beef Sausage Rolls, a homemade Corn Dip and a roll with homemade nut spread and some fruit and vegetables, it was the perfect way to end our school week.

To finish....

There is no question the Apple and Strawberry Slice was the MAJOR winner in our home this week with requests for it to be made again.

If your child is struggling with the concept of vegetable sticks, I highly recommend using a dip such as this Corn Dip and also par steaming them so they don't have the complete raw texture.

I hope these lunchboxes give you some inspiration. Stay tuned tomorrow for some of the recipes here being released on the website

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