Lunchbox Photos Week 6

Updated: May 16, 2019

Its hard to believe that we are past the halfway mark of Term 1!

By this stage of the term many parents are beginning to really hate lunchboxes and are looking forward to a break from making them each week!

In our time poor society when we are tired and limping towards the finish line (in this case school holidays) it's easy to find quicker solutions. For many parents that may be packaged food and snacks, which we then berate ourselves because it's not "whole foods", or we worry that dreaded red letter from school may come home.

This week we experimented with one recipe that made two meals, and for me that gave me two lunchbox options which (given its 10.30pm and I am just starting to write the blogs for the week) was a blessing in disguise!

There is nothing wrong with taking short cuts, but there are plenty of short cuts you can take when making a lunchbox that still means whole nutritious food to fuel your children.

For those of you, who like me, is one tired parent who cannot find more than 5-10 minutes at the moment to make lunchboxes then I hope our lunches this week give you some inspiration.

EDMK Pork, Mushroom and Herb sausage rolls and Apple and Strawberry Slice

Monday - After a busy weekend I relied on my freezer stash for lunch and paired the AMAZING Pork, Mushroom and Herb Sausage Rolls and Apple and Strawberry Slice with a ham sandwich on chia bread, fruit and vegetable sticks with a quick and easy avocado dip.

Chicken and Sundried Tomato Meatballs with Tarragon Sauce over Pasta

Tuesday - The EDMK new creation was a MAJOR hit for dinner, so lunch was a cold pasta version with the apple slice, chia bread, fruit and leftover steamed carrots from dinner. Tune back in Friday for the pasta recipe - one of our one-recipe two-meals feature!

Pumpkin, Bacon and Cheese Quinoa Balls and EDMK Chewy Muesli Bar Slice

Wednesday - Another new creation from our kitchen headed lunch today in our Quinoa Balls, (and another recipe that can make two meals). Teamed with a chia bread roll, EDMK Chewy Muesli Bar Slice, fruit and veggie sticks with the avocado dip.

EDMK Quinoa Balls and Apple Slice

Thursday - Sometimes your day doesn't go to plan and today was that day for me! So our final lunch of the week was a mix and match. A chia bread roll with ham and cheese (twins choice), EDMK Apple Slice, the last of the EDMK Quinoa Balls, fruit, carrot sticks and cucumber leftover from my Middle Eastern Salad.

To finish..........

There is no doubt that the Chicken and Sun-dried Tomato Meatball Pasta was the clear winner in this house of new creations from the kitchen, with both kids asking for it again the following day (sadly it was all gone).

The Quinoa Balls were not a huge hit the first day at school, however in the usual kid fashion they both ate four of them for afternoon tea because "we are starving Mummy".

Quinoa is a different texture, and like everything, it can take one or two tries for young children to eat it. A good tip when you are introducing a new food into the lunchbox especially for the main meal, pairing it with something you know is tried and loved (for us the chia bread roll) is a great because you know their bellies will be full.

Importantly I think it's always good to know that there is no perfect formula to being a parent, and certainly no perfect lunchbox formula. Be kind to yourself and know you are fueling your child/ren the best way you can, and seriously give yourself a pat on the back for being the best parent in the world your child/ren knows!

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