Lunchbox Photos Week 7

Updated: May 16, 2019

When life becomes groundhog day, making lunchboxes can be as tough as climbing Mt Everest. This week at EDMK Temporary HQ we have been stuck in groundhog day. What got us through making lunchboxes was a freezer stash and dinner leftovers.

A lot of families in Townsville are still living in temporary accommodation that comes in many forms. Some are in motels, others like us are in apartments. Changed living conditions brings about challenges, and for me it's no back or front yard for the twins to safely play in, so at the end of a school day when they need to let off steam we need to seek space - the water park, the various parks around town, play dates, riding along the strand or playing on the beach.

Don't get me wrong, it's AWESOME catching up with friends, but the ability to not be able to go home and continue working, preparing dinner and lunches means that you need to squeeze in a lot in a little time, and then face working long into the night.

This week I relied on creating recipes and my trusty slow cooker to try and combat that lost time and the need to be out. Out of nothing came two beautiful meals, Herb Crusted Pork Loin and a Chicken and Bacon Ragu. The two dinners were ready when we got home, and with some creative thinking, not only did I have leftovers, but lunch for two days as well.

Stay tuned next week for the new recipes that I am excited to share with you!

Here is our lunches for the week and I hope they give you inspiration. For those parents who have been in groundhog day this week like me, why not celebrate making it through tonight with an "adult" drink!

EDMK lamb meatballs

Monday - After a busy weekend of family time, I relied on leftover poached chicken for a simple chicken sandwich on Chia bread coupled with fruit, beetroot dip and vegetables.

EDMK chia and oat slice, EDMK sausage rolls

Tuesday - A new creation for the twins today which got the thumbs up, Oat and Chia Slice coupled with some EDMK sausage rolls, leftover sausage from dinner, fruit and vegetables.

EDMK chicken and bacon ragu "pies and EDMK Apple and Blueberry Slice

Wednesday - High 5 to a freezer stash from another new creation. A beautiful Apple and Blueberry Slice coupled with fruit, vegetables, cheese and kabana (a treat in our house) and a double High 5 to slow cooker leftovers that created "triangle pies"

EDMK apple and blueberry slice, EDMK slow cooked herb pork

Thursday - Another High 5 to the slow cooker. We turned our beautiful pork meal into a pulled pork pasta and teamed it with EDMK Apple and Blueberry Slice, fruit and vegetables, beetroot dip and cheese.

To finish......

Hands down winner this week was the Chicken and Bacon Ragu slow cooker creation, both as dinner and as lunch, followed closely by the two new snack creations for the lunchbox.

The best tip I can continue to give as a busy Mum to fellow busy parents is that the freezer stash is always your best friend, and to think outside the square. If you have leftovers, try and turn them into lunch, and when all else fails, there is nothing wrong with the good old sandwich and some fruit and veggies!!

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