Lunchbox Photos Week 8

Updated: May 16, 2019

This morning in my temporary kitchen, I did a happy dance and gave myself a High 5, because this morning was my last day of school lunchboxes and school drop off for Term 1!

We are finishing school a week early as I am taking the twins on a trip to the Gold Coast with their Nanny who is flying up from Melbourne.

As I drove home it dawned on me, holidays mean constant requests for food and there is also Vacation Program lunches to make! So even though us parents are doing the happy dance that the school term is nearly over, I am aware that we need to keep feeding and nourishing our kids during the holidays. So while my kiddos sleep soundly next week after action packed days on the Gold Coast, I will be preparing a School Holiday Survival Guide of food which will keep your kids bellies full over the holiday period!

Here is our final week of lunches and I hope they give you some inspiration. Look out for new recipes on the blog tomorrow!

EDMK Nana Biscuit and Chicken, Brie and Spinach Loaf

Monday - We had a hard start to the day. Miss Eme went to school for the first time on her own as her brother was sick. After a few hiccups she went off happily with a lunchbox of Chicken, Brie and Spinach Loaf, Nana's biscuit, crackers, kabana, fruit and veggies.

EDMK Agnoletti with bacon and herb sauce EDMK Nans Biscuit

Tuesday - Another solo day at school for Miss Eme so she got to choose her lunch and she wanted our left over Agnoletti and a Nan's biscuit with fruit - and I added the carrot and cucumber!

Chicken Lasagne Cup and Baked Zitti Cup and Chia and Oat slice

Wednesday - The twins were reunited at school today and they went off with three new creations in their lunchbox for Nude Food Day. EDMK Chicken Lasagne Cups and baked Zitti Cups were on the menu along with a beautiful Chia and Oat Slice. Finishing it off with cheese and crackers, fruit and veggies.

EDMK meatballs and Chia and Oat Slice

Thursday - Last day was the EDMK Lamb Meatballs and Chia and Oat Slice, along with chia bread, cheese and crackers, fruit and veggies - our swan song lunchbox for the end of term, (what was left in my freezer stash!).

To finish....

Sitting here at the end of our Term 1 I have reflected on what amazing children I have. Their whole little life was turned upside down this year with a new school and the floods, and whilst school has not been without dramas, I have learnt how resilient and courageous they are.

Together, the three of us have made new friends, experimented and tried new foods and accepted challenges that people should not have to accept or work through. To say I am one proud Mumma is a huge understatement.

As for the food this week - the winner was the Chia and Oat Slice and the Agnoletti.

The Chicken, Brie and Spinach Loaf is a strong taste, and while Eme ate a lot of it, she did find the strong taste a little much - perhaps it really is a lunch for parents or one for the older kids!

And now I am off to pack our bags for our week on the Gold Coast, a week where you get to indulge in being as much of a kid as your kids, and where the kitchen and cooking is optional as to whether you enter!

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