Marinated Lamb Salad

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Juicy succulent lamb, Asian fusion flavours this is a definite crowd pleaser!

Summer is just around the corner and if you're like me, the last thing you want to do is eat a heavy meal or slave in a hot kitchen cooking dinner for the family.

The lamb is marinated with Asian flavors, and to save even more time, the leftover marinade doubles as the salad dressing, giving the salad layers of sweetness, a hint of spice from the chilli and the subtle taste of coriander.

I have now made this twice. It's mild enough for the kids to enjoy, the hint of spice makes adults smile and the use of a fresh french baguette allows you to mop up the remaining sauce left on your plate.

I guarantee this is the perfect to addition to your summer menu. The only complaint I have is that there has not been any leftovers for my lunch the following day!

Prep 10 min // Cook 15 min (including resting time)



4 lamb steaks (You can use backstrap or lamb sizzle steaks if you cannot source lamb steaks)

1/2 cup Kecap Manis

1/4 cup honey

1 long red chilli de-seeded and diced finely

2 tbs minced garlic

2 tbs fresh coriander diced


Baby spinach leaves

Cos lettuce roughly chopped

1/2 cup Perrino tomatoes sliced in half

1/2 cup Mersey Valley cheese crumbled

1 Lebanese cucumber sliced

1/2 red capsicum sliced

1/2 red onion sliced finely

1 long red chilli de-seeded and sliced

Coriander to garnish



  1. Combine the Kecap Manis, honey, chilli, garlic and coriander in a bowl and mix well.

  2. Add the lamb and marinate for at least 1 hour (I tend to marinate it in the morning so it has a depth of flavour and is ready for the evening meal).

  3. Pour the excess marinade into a small saucepan and heat on a gentle heat, stirring often until it thickens just slightly.

  4. Heat 1 tbs oil in a pan. When hot add the lamb and cook for 4 minutes each side (for medium rare) then remove from the pan and cover with foil and let it rest for 5 minutes.

  5. Slice thickly.


  1. While the lamb is cooking, rinse the spinach and cos lettuce well, pat dry and arrange on a platter.

  2. Add the remaining salad ingredients over the platter except for the chilli and coriander.

  3. Place the lamb over the top of the salad and drizzle the heated marinade over the top.

  4. Garnish with the chilli and coriander and serve immediately.

*Note: I have not given measurements for the salad as it is dependent on how much you need. As a guide for a family of 3 adults and 2 children I used 1 cos lettuce and 1/2 bag of baby spinach.

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