One Lunchbox 5 Ways with Bread

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

So if your kids are anything like mine they get tired of the same old sandwich cut into squares or triangles no matter what the filling inside is.

It’s frustrating as a parent to spend time on making a lunchbox and it comes back uneaten and we wonder why we bother making wholesome lunchboxes.

Parents stress about children who don’t eat their lunch with good reason. The school day is long, and with brain snack/munch n crunch (or whatever your school names it), morning tea and lunch, the school lunchbox provides a large portion of the daily food requirements our children need to grow and be healthy.

Here at Everyday Mums Kitchen we wanted to show you how the same lunchbox can be made 5 ways with 2 – 3 pieces of bread. The fillings are essentially the same but the difference is quite remarkable and will keep your kids happy with variety.

And as always, each lunchbox is quick and easy to make within 5-10 minutes.

Sandwich Cups

Sandwich Cups an easy way to make bread interesting

My favourite "sandwich" hack. Quick, easy and taste AMAZING!!!


  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees spray muffin tin with cooking spray.

  2. Cut crust off bread roll with a rolling pin to flat.

  3. Place the bread into the muffin tin and top with filling (in our case some tomato paste, ham, capsicum, sliced cherry tomato, mushroom and grated cheese).

  4. Cook for 5 minutes and remove from muffin tin.

Sandwich Skewers

Bite size sandwiches on skewers are fun way for kids to eat lunch

I used to make “naked” sandwiches on skewers with meat, tomato, cheese etc., and one day was told "Mummy to have a sandwich you need bread!" So now we have sandwich skewers.


  1. Cut crusts off bread and cut the bread into 4 little squares. Top with filling of your choice (we did a combination of chicken, cheese, lettuce and mayo + ham, cheese, lettuce and carrot to make it fun).

  2. Pierce the completed sandwich through the skewer.

Double Decker Sandwiches

I grew up with ribbon sandwiches. My Nana used to make them often and as kids we loved the extra layer. The have been aptly named by the twins as “double decker” sandwiches, and secured with a food pick, they are even more of a novelty with kids.


  1. Cut crust off bread.

  2. Place butter (or your preferred option on 2 slices of bread) and a spread of choice (cream cheese, mayonnaise etc) on the third.

  3. On buttered piece add your main filling (chicken in our case) and some salad items) place spread of choice bread over the top, top with further fillings (in our case carrot and cheese).

  4. Put the final buttered piece of bread on top and cut in ribbons and secure with a food pick.

Sushi Sandwiches

A quick alternative to a wrap or sandwich and great way to introduce new fillings

This novelty sandwich featured in our healthy lunchbox event. Quick and easy it’s perfect for a lunchbox ... and the novelty food picks are always welcomed in the lunchbox.


  1. Cut crust of bread and roll flat with a rolling pin.

  2. Add butter (or preferred choice) on bread.

  3. Put in your filling of choice along the short edge (in our case chicken, cheese, lettuce, carrot and mayo).

  4. Roll into a log secure with 2 food picks and cut in half.

Sandwich Cut Outs

A favourite with kids is sandwiches cut into characters or shapes

I am not of fan of making sandwiches into characters. Every now and then I will get the cookie cutter out and the twins are so excited about the shape their sandwich is in.

For those who love creative and artistic lunchboxes cutters will be your best friend!


Make your sandwich as normal with your preferred fillings (in our case ham and salad) and then place your cutter over the bread press and remove the excess bread and place in lunchbox.

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