One Pan Chicken & Rice

Prep 10 min // Cook 25 min

What started out as a bit of an experiment turned out so good that my husband declared it was the most tender chicken he had ever eaten! It was a family winner and a Mummy win because it was so quick and easy!


1kg of chicken thigh fillets (skin removed)

2 tablespoon of each dried herb/spice for dry rub for chicken  – garlic powder/onion powder/ smoked paprika/thyme/oregano/parsley

1 onion diced finely

2 tablespoon crushed garlic

1 red capsicum diced finely

1 cup long grain rice

3 cups liquid chicken stock

1 can tinned tomatoes

3 tablespoon oil from sundried tomatoes

4 tablespoon sundried tomatoes chopped

1/3 cup parmesan cheese (optional)

1/3 cup cooking cream (optional)

1 cup baby spinach


  1. Remove any skin from chicken thighs.

  2. Mix all dried herbs together and rub the dry rub over each side of the chicken thigh and season with salt and pepper.

  3. Heat 2 tablespoon of sundried tomato oil in a heavy pan and sear the chicken 3 min either side and then remove the chicken from the pan.

  4. While chicken is searing dice onion, sundried tomatoes and capsicum.

  5. Heat the reserved tablespoon of sundried tomato oil in pan and sauté onion, capsicum, garlic and sundried tomatoes until the onion is transparent (approx. 5 min).

  6. Add rice and stir through and coat with the oil.

  7. Add stock and tin tomatoes and place the chicken on top of the liquid. Cover with a lid and cook at a gentle simmer for 15 min.

  8. Check to see if the rice is cooked, if not add a little more chicken stock.

  9. Once the rice is cooked if choosing to use and parmesan cheese and cream and stir through along with the spinach.

  10. Serve immediately with crusty bread.

By adding the cream and parmesan cheese you are turning this dish more into a risotto. For a traditional chicken and rice dish omit the cream and cheese J

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