Rappin' Vegetable Quiches

According to friends and family I have a new title, "The Leftovers Queen". It's because so many of my recipes are created with food that is nearing its use by date, or from a dinner we had the night before.

And yep, this is another one of those "creations". A groovy name for a simple creation that uses up wraps, vegetables and bacon. These little bundles of joy did make it to the freezer, but after a last minute change of plan (for an after school play date four hours later), they were in the oven and being munched by 11 hungry primary school aged kids - which I guess means that they passed the taste test!

Prep 10 min // Cook 10 min


4 wholegrain wraps

3 rashes bacon diced finely

2 spring onions diced finely

1/2 cup broccoli florets

1/2 red capsicum diced

3 eggs

1/2 cup grated cheese (plus extra for the top)

1 cup milk

Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, lightly grease 2 patty cake tins (also known as cup cake tins) and set aside.

  2. Cut rounds out of the wraps to fit the patty cake (I used a standard drinking glass), and mould them inside the tin.

  3. Whisk together the eggs and milk in a bowl, and season with salt and pepper.

  4. Add the remaining ingredients (except for the extra cheese) and mix together well.

  5. Pour the mix into each of the wraps then top with the extra grated cheese. (See Note)

  6. Bake in the oven for approximately 10 minutes, or until the egg mix has set and the cheese has melted on the top.

Note: You may find the wraps do not mould into the base of the tin, so as you pour the mix in hold it down with your finger. Once the mixture is in it will hold the wrap down to make the quiche.

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