Rib Fillet Roast

Recently I saw a video online about cooking a rib fillet roast in a very hot oven and then leaving it to cook in the residual heat.

I must admit I was skeptical about this method, and as I put this expensive piece of meat in the oven I almost cried (because I was worried we would have raw meat for dinner), but WOW, WOW, WOW! Not only did it work, it was BEAUTIFUL!

A couple of things for those of you who decide to try this. When you think, "Oh I will give it another 10 minutes at the beginning just to be sure," I have one word for you - DON'T!

I kept it in the oven a few minutes too long and it was medium as opposed to medium rare - still beautiful and tender, but over cooked.

Because of the expense, this meal is something I would use for special occasions and entertaining. It's well worth the WOW factor when you tell people the oven is only on for 30 minutes, and the melt-in-the mouth meat is something they will not forget in a hurry!

Prep 10 min // Cook 2hr 30 min


2kg boneless rib fillet roast

1 cup softened butter

5 tbs EDMK Steak Spice Mix

1 tbs salt

1 tbs pepper

10 cloves garlic minced

1 tbs plain flour

1 cup beef stock

1 tbs butter


  1. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees (NOT FAN FORCED).

  2. Bring your beef to room temperature.

  3. Mix butter, garlic, salt, pepper and EDMK Steak Spice Mix in a bowl.

  4. Place the beef on a wire rack inside a baking tray (so all the juices run into the tray).

  5. Smear the butter mix thickly over every side of the beef.

  6. Place in the hot oven and cook for 30 minutes and then turn the oven off.

  7. Leave the beef in the oven - NO OPENING THE DOOR - for 2 hours.

  8. When the 2 hours is up, remove the beef, cover it with foil, let it rest and prepare the gravy.

  9. Pour all juices into a saucepan, place on the stove, whisk in the flour and mix well.

  10. Whisk in the beef stock and continue to stir until the gravy thickens. Add in the butter and whisk well.

  11. Strain to remove any bits of meat and fat into a gravy server.

  12. Slice the meat thickly, serve with vegetables and pour the gravy over the top.

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