Slow Cooked Tortellini Soup

Contrary to popular belief, North Queensland does have a winter season. When it arrives it usually arrives with a BANG and is not here for long.

With a recent out-of-season cyclone forming in the North, we had a particularly cold day for May this week, and being a Melbourne girl, born and bred, I jumped at the chance to make some soup.

I LOVE soup! It doesn’t matter what kind it is, I will eat it, and I always have soup when I'm in Melbourne during the colder months.

My husband isn't a fan of soup, so I wasn’t sure how this meal would be received, but due to the flavour and the thickness, it was declared BEAUTIFUL by everyone!

Best of all, the leftover pasta was used in the twins' lunchboxes the following day, which was a HUGE bonus.

Prep 15 min // Cook 7 hours


1 packet beef tortellini (or any flavour you choose)

2 carrots diced

1 zucchini diced

1 leek diced

5 cloves garlic crushed

½ cup cherry tomatoes halved

4 ripe vine tomatoes chopped

1 sleeve fresh basil diced (leaves only)

1 sleeve continental parsley diced (leaves only)

2 sprigs rosemary

3 sprigs oregano

1 red capsicum diced

2 bay leaves

2 tbs EDMK Italian Spice Mix

3 cups vegetable stock

1 tin crushed tomatoes

1 cup cooking cream

½ cup Parmesan cheese grated (plus extra to serve)


  1. Place all the ingredients into the slow cooker (except the tortellini, cream and Parmesan cheese).

  2. Mix through well and cook on low for 6 hours.

  3. Blend with a stick blender until you have a smooth consistency.

  4. Add the cream and tortellini, and mix through well. Cook until the tortellini is al dente (about 45-60 minutes depending on your slow cooker).

  5. 5 minutes before serving, add the Parmesan cheese.

  6. Serve hot with bread and additional Parmesan cheese.

Leftover tortellini - perfect for the school lunchbox the following day

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