Spanish Chicken & Rice

Our family is back into busy mode with school. after school activities, work and study commitments. One thing most families juggle is the dinner routine. For my family, our kids love to have a play after dinner, but with slow eaters and the crankiness after a long day at school, dinner time is not always pleasant.

Recently my duo asked if they could have an early dinner on the nights they do not have any after school activities. The theory was come home play, eat, play some more (which is perfect for these hot summer Nth Queensland nights) and then have a bath and go to bed.

The new routine has worked well with the kids happy to eat as they are hungry after school, yet not to tired from playing until 6pm dinner time and super tired after another long play before bath at 7pm.

So what is the catch? Well a meal that will taste great reheated because my husband is at work when they have early dinner AND a meal that is quick to make when we get in the door after school while you supervise revising sounds and reading, referee play and tackle everything involved with being Mum!

One of my solutions to the "catch" is my favourite one pan meals. Whoever created the craze of one pan meals deserves every award and medal known to man because they are seriously a parents lifesaver when it comes to weeknight meals.

This week the kids had asked for chicken and rice. When they say that I know they mean fried rice and I didn't have all the condiments I use to make my chicken fried rice so instead I made chicken and rice with a Spanish flavour.

30 minutes and it is on the table and boy was it good. Just enough hint of spice to make my mouth dance and head back for a second helping, mild enough that the kids thought it was great and left nothing on the plate and asked could we have it again Mummy.

This recipe makes a lot which is great because as we all know I am a fan of leftovers. I did however tell the kids there was none left because I wanted to keep the taste of Spain in my mouth for lunch the following day, I figure they get great lunches every day and sometimes Mum should get one as well!

So do yourself a favour and give this recipe a try and add it to your quick and easy mid week meals for the family.

Prep 5 min // Cook 30 min


1kg chicken thigh fillets

1 onion diced

1 red capsicum diced

1 lemon juice only

4 cloves garlic minced

2 cups short grain rice

3 cups of liquid chicken stock

Spanish Spice Mix

3 tsp smoked paprika

3 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp onion powder

2 tsp dried coriander leaves

1 1/2 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp EDMK Italian spice mix (or use commercial brand)

Salt and pepper to taste

4 tbs olive oil


  1. In a bowl mix Spanish Spice Mix together.

  2. Add chicken and 2 tbs olive oil to a bowl and place half spice mix into the bowl and coat the chicken.

  3. Add 2 tbs oil to a pan and when hot add chicken and cook in batches 2-3 min each side and then remove and set aside on a plate.

  4. Add onion, garlic and capsicum to pan and saute for 2 min until fragrant.

  5. Add rice and coat well with the mixture.

  6. Add chicken stock, remaining spice mix and mix through well.

  7. Place chicken on top of rice and put a lid on the pan and simmer for approx 20min.

  8. Add lemon juice and season with salt and pepper.

  9. When the chicken is cooked through and rice tender remove from the heat and serve immediately.

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