Term 2 Week 2 Lunchbox Photos

Updated: May 16, 2019

It seems so long since I posted photos of our lunchboxes! Finishing school a week early in Term 1, and then our big move back to our home in the first week of Term 2 has meant for a frantic family!

Last week I had literally a 36 hour round trip to Melbourne, and it certainly made me thankful for the remainder of our freezer stockpile from Term 1. It meant I could leave lunchboxes made up for my husband for the two days I was gone.

Before I started this website Sunday was normally my cooking day for the family. Like many parents, I used to complain that I had to cook on a Sunday, but it's times like last week I do a happy dance and go "OH YEAH" that I have food in the freezer and lunches are easy!

Bolognese 3 ways recipe & museli slice

Tuesday (I forgot to say Monday was a public holiday in QLD): Day 1 of Mummy being away and lunch was from our Bolognese 3 Ways recipe, museli slice with fruit and vegetables.

EDMK Lamb and Veg rolls & 2 P's muffins

Wednesday: Day 2 of Mummy being away and the twins had a new recipe for the blog in Lamb and Vegetable Rolls with "a bit" of cheese on the top, the amazing EDMK 2 P's Muffins (pear and plum for those who don't know), some kabana, crackers, fruit and veggies to finish it off!

EDMK museli bar & beef pasties

Thursday: I got home late Wednesday night, the flight was delayed, I was tired, the twins were cranky and the last thing I wanted to do was make lunchboxes for the following day. Thankfully I still had some beef pasties and museli bars so I teamed them with popcorn, fruit and vegetables.

To finish.....

I am spending my weekend stockpiling my freezer and making some new creations for our EDMK village.

I can honestly say our life last week (particularly my husband's who would have had to make lunches) is easier doing regular batch cooking for the freezer. So for those of you who don't yet do it, get on board the trend because it makes a busy life WAY, WAY easier!

PS: For those of you wondering which was the winning lunchbox this week, without a doubt the Bolognese 3 Ways lunchbox - and I can let you in on a secret, the main dish from it was also a major hit in our family so stay tuned for that recipe!!

As the weather gets cooler, I am off to make some amazing Thermomix creations for you that can double as a family meal and school lunches, ... because lets face it, who has the time to cook dinner and make a Thermo meal for lunches!


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