Term 2 Week 3 Lunchbox Photos

It seems to take so long to get back in the groove of lunchbox making after a long break and it seems that this week I have found my lunchbox mojo again!

Aside from baking and cooking in batches and freezing into portions, cutting up fruit and vegetables and having them in containers in the fridge at the start of the week and using leftovers as my tips and tricks to make lunchboxes a 5 minute exercise every day, there is one other thing I use to make it easier.

I use lunchboxes that are leak proof and seal all compartments so food stays fresh. I use yumbox, rainbeau and go green lunchboxes. And why is this such a huge thing to make my life easier? I only have to make lunches twice per week! Yep I do lunchboxes on a Sunday for Monday and Tuesday and then on Tuesday night I do lunchboxes for Wednesday - Friday!

I have had a lot of friends ask does the food stay fresh, are wraps and sandwiches OK and the simple answer is YES YES YES YES!! These lunchboxes while a bit pricey, they are worth every cent for a busy parent. They are durable, they pass leak tests, they pass the kids dropping them on the floor test and most importantly they pass the fresh test!

While I love making my kids a healthy lunch each day, the tedious task of making lunchboxes is not something at the end of the day or first thing in the morning I like doing. These lunchboxes have been a game changer for my morning and evening routine. I feel as free as a bird each day I realise I do not have to make lunch for kids for the following day and that for me is worth every penny I have spent on the lunchboxes.

EDMK ham and vegetable frittata & EDMK Pear and Oat muffin

Monday - The twins road tested two new EDMK creations that will be coming soon. Pear and Oat muffins and a ham and vegetable frittata along with some vegetables, fruit , kabana and crackers.

EDMK Banana, Honey and Sultana loaves & Lamb and Vegetable Sausage rolls

Tuesday - Recent EDMK creation of lamb and vegetable sausage rolls was on the menu today along with a new creation Banana, Honey and Sultana mini loaves. Accompanied with a leg ham and salad wrap, vegetables and fruit.

EDMK tortellini soup & EDMK Pear and Oat Muffin

Wednesday - On Monday we had a slow cooked tortellini soup and it was so nice. I had some leftover and the soup base had thickened up so that was for lunch along with the EDMK Pear and Oat muffin, a leg ham sandwich on chia bread, fruit and vegetables.

EDMK Italian Parcel and EDMK Apple muffin

Thursday - Our last day of the school week and two new creations were tested on the twins - Italian parcels and Apple muffins. Along with a chia bread sandwich of leg ham and hummus, fruit and vegetables.

To finish...

Its been a week of creating in the kitchen and on paper this week.

On Thursday at school, the twins had a healthy education class and an awesome giraffe called Harold visited them and explained why healthy eating was so important. They came home and told me how their lunchboxes had all the things Harold said they should eat over the day and gave me ideas of what else they wanted in their lunchboxes. Some things we have tried before and it hasn't worked but who knows maybe Harold holds the secret key to a love of more raw vegetable and salad items!

For the twins this week the clear winners in the lunchbox was the leftover tortellini and the Italian parcels. The loser was the raw vegetables that they are still getting used to eating.

A tip I use for my duo who are not huge raw vegetable eaters is to put it in your baking and cooking. The soup base for the tortellini was made purely from fresh vegetables so they got the vegetable goodness that way. The Italian parcels also contain 5 vegetables. It may be seen as "veggie smuggling" but at the end of the day its a win that they are getting their serves of vegetables in their lunchbox!

Have a great week and I hope you find some inspiration from our lunchboxes, tips and tricks!


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