Term 2 Week 4 Lunchbox Photos

We had another first in the life of the twins this week, their first school Athletics Carnival. The twins were so excited and it was great that the school encouraged parents to participate and not only did I play my first game of tunnel ball in 3 decades, I also did the EDMK weekly radio slot with ABC Nth Qld on the field!

This week I have set about creating some lunchbox recipes from leftovers and from the humble roast chicken which will appear on the website in coming weeks. As a busy Mum I love discovering new quick and easy ways to make lunches interesting for my children but mean minimal time in the kitchen packing boxes each night for the following day.

This week some of those new recipes feature in our lunchboxes as well as some old favourites of the twins. I hope you all find some inspiration in them!

EDMK Beef strips & Noodle Pasties and Pear and Oat Muffins

Monday - Two new recipes tested in the twins - Beef Strip & Noodle Pasties (a new leftovers quick lunch recipe) and Pear and Oat Muffins. The lunchbox also included half a chicken and salad wrap and fruit and veggie sticks.

EDMK Beef & Veg Sausage Rolls, Mini Sultana Loaf

Tuesday - The twins asked for one of their favourites today - sausage rolls - and another new recipe of Mini Sultana loaf, the lunchbox was complete with kabana, cheese, crackers, fruit and vegetables.

EDMK Sausage "cups" & Granola Cookies

Wednesday - Two new recipes today, sausage "cups" (another quick leftovers recipe) and these brilliant and quick granola cookies. The lunchbox was complete with a homemade cheese and bacon roll and fruit and veggie sticks.

EDMK Sultana loaf and Mix Fruit Muffin

Thursday - Sports day snack was an apple and a new recipe Mixed Fruit Muffin. In the lunchbox which they had when they returned from their morning of sport is a ham sandwich on chia bread, half a mini sultana loaf and some fruit.

To finish.....

As a parent I have learnt that a morning at a sports carnival can give you the best belly laugh you have had in a long time, and your child is absolutely EXHAUSTED by the end of it!

On the lunchbox side, I am happy to say all the new recipes received the thumbs up with the beef strip & noodle pastie and pear and oat muffin being the clear favourite.

Have a great week!


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