Term 2 Week 5 Lunchbox Photos

We are approaching the halfway mark of the school year and hands up from the parents who are beginning to dread lunchbox making or whose children are asking for "something different" in their lunchbox?

My duo have asked for "hot food" Mummy for next week as winter came along with a BANG in Townsville this week (not the winter experienced down south obviously but cold by our standards and unseasonable rain!).

As a parent you take pride and effort in making your kids the best lunchbox you can filled with healthy food and lots of variety and it is so disheartening when they ask for change or variety.

This week we tested out some new recipes in our lunchboxes that were a hit with the twins and will be published this week for you to try so hopefully it will help if your kids, like mine, want a change or something different!

Have a great weekend and keep warm in this cold weather!!

EDMK Scrolls & Apple & Date Slice

Monday - A new recipe of Apple & Date Slice made an appearance in the lunchbox along with an old favourite - a cheese and Vegemite scroll. Along with this was a wrap filled with leftover spaghetti bolognese, fruit and vegetables.

EDMK Veggie Quiche & Apple & Date slice

Tuesday - Another new quick recipe of veggie quiche teamed with the apple& date slice. The lunchbox was completed with a roast chicken, cheese and lettuce wrap, kabana and crackers, fruit and vegetables.

EDMK chewy muesli bar & Chicken Pizza Cups

Wednesday - Two new recipes - chewy muesli bar & Chicken Pizza Cups were accompanies by kabana, cheese and crackers and fruit and vegetables.

Pumpkin Bacon & Cheese Damper Muffins

Thursday - We tried pumpkin, bacon and cheese damper muffins which accompanied a leg ham, cheese and lettuce sandwich, crackers, fruit and vegetables.

To finish...

Aside from the twins asking for "hot food" this weeks lunches were clearly enjoyed as they came home empty each day. I asked them today what was the best part of the week lunches and here was the things they loved the most:

- Bolognese wrap (it was like worms in a wrap mummy!)

- veggie quiche

- cheese & Vegemite scrolls

- Apple & date slice

While they liked the damper they did say it was better hot when we were "camping" in the yard (that is in the memory bank for a quick and easy thermos lunch).

Hope these lunchboxes give you all some inspiration and as always I will see you next week with another lunchbox wrap up!!


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