Term 2 Week 6 Lunchbox Photos

We had a hard school week. My little fella was sick all week and my favourite girl in the world had to go to school each day without her best friend. As the week wore on the bottom lip trembled a little bit more and tears welled up in her eyes until Thursday she cried and cried because not only was her best friend and ally in life not with her, but Mummy also was not dropping her to school. But like the amazing kid she is, she dusted herself off and went off the school.

The bond between twins is something no one will ever understand, unless of course you are a twin. Since their birth I have been amazed over and over at their bond, how they instinctively know where the other one is, how they have felt each others pain, finished each others sentences and have a love like no other for each other.

I have blinked back more than a few tears and smiled at the daily reunion they have had. Each day Eme has made something for Mackie at school, Mackie has had a special afternoon treat for Eme waiting at home and the smiles, hugs and "I love you" they have had for each other is beautiful to watch.

Eme has chosen her lunches every day this week. Every day she has told me what she wanted and I have complied, with the exception of one day where we had no fresh bread and she wanted a sandwich. It turned out great though, she had Mummy's sandwich thins and she thinks they are AMAZING!

Just quietly I am very much looking forward to next week dropping two healthy children off at school so I can catch up on all the work left to one side while one has been sick at home!!

EDMK scrolls, Rappin' Veggie Quiche and Apple & Date Slice

Monday - One new creation for the start of the week "Rappin' Veggie Quiche" along with our cheese & vegemite scrolls and Apple & Date slice. The lunchbox was complete with some kabana and crackers, fruit and veggies.

Tuesday - We did not use any EDMK recipes today. Eme chose a corned meat, cheese & lettuce roll, cheese and crackers fruit and veggies for her lunch today!

EDMK Choco Zucchini Cookies!

Wednesday - EDMK choco zucchini cookie creation put a smile on Eme's face heading off to Origin day at school and she found a new favourite of wholegrain sandwich thins with her chicken and lettuce "sandwich". The lunchbox was completed with cheese, kabana and crackers and some fruit and veggies.

EDMK Zucchini Muffins

Thursday - Has anyone guessed that Eme is a bread fan!! Today she had a chicken and salad roll, an old EDMK favourite in a zucchini muffin with some kabana, crackers fruit and veggies!

To finish....

Aside from Eme completing a whole week of school on her own this week, we had another win.

Every day I place a variety of fruit and vegetables in the twins lunchbox. I always know the watermelon, grapes, strawberries, mandarin etc will be eaten, but it is not always the case with things such as carrot, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, capsicum.

Funnily enough as babies they used to love these items but the raw texture is something they are not overly keen on.

Its taken a term for Eme to eat raw carrots but this week after I kept putting it in, telling her they would make her strong and healthy we had a major breakthrough! She ate the baby cucumber (but I dont like the skin Mummy) and she ate the tomatoes.

I have never made a big deal of what they do not eat in their lunchbox (unless they eat very little of anything) because they happily eat most cooked vegetables every night at dinner. Over the time I have just kept reminding them that these fruit and vegetables they leave behind are important because its makes them strong and healthy.

I had read an article that it can take many tastes and attempts before a child will eat/like something and it would seem that is true. By just giving them a little of everything each day slowly but surely they are developing a taste for raw vegetables and fruits they may otherwise have refused to eat.

Lets hope next week her new found "likes" will continue!!


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