Term 2 Week 7 Lunchbox Photos

We have had a busy time in the EDMK world this week! From making up some beautiful new creations for our next project, to doing some cooking for a fellow multi family doing it tough with a sick kiddo this week has flown by!

A question often asked by EDMK followers is "do your children really eat what you show in your lunchboxes?". The quick response is YES but like all kids they go through patterns of loving something then the next day they do not like it for some amazing way out there reason!

Whether you have kids like mine who generally are good eaters, or you have children who are considered "fussy" or have sensory issues, all parents know that feeling when a lunchbox comes back uneaten, a meal at night is "yuk" or for some reason you cant eat this Mummy because The Hulk does not eat it!!

I have a mantra that I offer my children healthy nutritious food that they can eat. If they do not eat it I explain why I packed it / cooked it, but they do know they will not be offered an alternative in our home. I know that mantra does not sit well with some families and that is fine, but I do not generally cook something I know they do not / will not like so they make their choice.

With certain foods like raw salad / vegetables as my duo are more keen on cooked vegetables, every day at school I pack a variety of little bits and pieces and keep slogging away at it giving them a chance to try, taste and develop a taste. This year it has worked quite well so far with both kids now eating raw tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum and snow peas!

Here is the week that was in our lunchboxes and I hope they give you some inspiration!

EDMK Pumpkin, Bacon & Cheese Quinoa Balls, EDMK 2'Ps MuffinK Scroll, Apple

Monday - We had 3 of our favourite EDMK recipes in today - scrolls, quinoa balls and 2P's muffin together with veggie sticks and fruit.

EDMK Pear & Sultana Loaf, EDMK Italian Parcel

Tuesday - Both of these recipes are new creations in the kitchen and are coming to the website soon! We teamed it with some fruit and vegetable sticks and a leg ham and salad mini wrap!

EDMK Citrus Muffin and EDMK Chicken Pizza Pie

Wednesday - The twins were my taste testers in these two new recipes that were created this week. They asked for some sultanas, fruit and veggies and a leg ham wrap to finish off the lunchbox!

EDMK Quiche, EDMK Italian Parcel and EDMK Double B Muffin

Thursday - We had another 3 recipe day in our lunchbox with all being new recipes! Together with fruit and some vegetables that completed our lunchboxes.

To finish....

The twins gave a big THUMBS UP to the new recipes this week! Eme favourite was without doubt the quiche & Italian Parcels and Mackie was a happy boy with the new muffins.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks while I put the finishing touches on these new recipes in time for the school holidays so those who batch cook like me can stockpile that freezer in time for the start of Term 3!!

Have a great weekend !

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