Term 2 Week 8 Lunchbox Photos

Our family has had a completely crazy upside down week. I had to fly to Melbourne to attend a funeral of a special person in our family and had to squeeze five days worth of work into two days.

In our family, it is crazy weeks like this where the EDMK Lunchbox concept shines through.

To get through this week I relied on 4 areas of the concept:

1. Batch cooking that had been portioned and frozen in snap lock bags. (Do not fear I rinse and re use the bags for environmental reasons)

2. Using the lunchbox guide which provides inspiration for total lunchboxes based on EDMK recipes that I have in the freezer

3. The use of self seal lunchboxes such as Yumbox, Go Green and Rainbeau because they keep the food sealed and fresh for 2-3 days.

4. Pre cut fruit and vegetables which I keep in Sistema containers in the fridge to make speedy lunches.

I am often asked does the system really work and the simple answer is that it does.

It takes some organisation and time to do batch cooking, but following the process and the lunchbox guide meant that had I run short of time, I could leave the lunchboxes, the lunchbox guide with my husband and our au pair knowing that they could follow it easily and make the lunches if needed.

Next week is the last week of our school term, and our school has a three week mid year holiday this time around. As much as I like creating recipes for lunchboxes, like every parent in Australia I am looking forward to no lunchboxes for three week (except for school holiday program days).

I am taking the twins down to visit my parents in Melbourne for 2 of those weeks, and while I am not looking forward to the cold weather I just experienced over the past 3 days, I am so excited to spend the time exploring my hometown with the twins and having some much needed time out with my kiddoes.

I hope this weeks lunchboxes gives you all some inspiration!

EDMK Tuna Delight

Monday - A new recipe coming soon - Tuna Delight was paired with "lettuce sandwich" filled with leg ham, cheese, carrot and avocado, together with some fruit, vegetables and air popped popcorn that we had leftover from our weekend getaway to Mission Beach

Tuesday - A quick and easy lunch today! The twins wanted roast chicken and salad wraps and we had fruit skewers, vegetables and a dip to accompany it, cheese, crackers and kabana.

banana bliss balls

Wednesday - These bliss balls are a new creation and will feature very soon! I had some fun with leftover breadstick and made "plowman" skewers with leg ham, cheese, carrot and lettuce. I finished off the lunchbox with some crackers and kabana, fruit, sultanas and some broccoli to accompany our first pineapple of the season.

Thursday Another quick and easy lunch to finish a crazy week. We used sandwich things for a chicken and salad sandwich with some fruit, vegetables, kabana and crackers.

To finish..

Lunch this week was a tasty and simple affair and I am happy to say except for the snow peas, lunch was eaten for the week.

A few little tips for you all:

1. I often read on lunchbox social media pages questions about how to keep apple and banana from going brown if cut. Lunchboxes that seal fresh like the yumbox used on Tuesday means there is no need to soak in iced water, soda water or the need to use lemon. They remain as fresh as the time you cut them once the container is closed.

2. For those of you who have kids that love eating sandwiches and rolls, the Rainbeau lunchbox that I used on Thursday is perfect. The compartments are so deep a whole roll can fit without being squashed and it is also a great depth for salad, cold pasta or rice.

Everyday Mums Kitchen does not endorse any products and has not been asked to endorse any product. The lunchboxes you see and all the inserts or food picks are items that I have chosen for my family and over time I have found to be the best combination for us with what I have tested over the years on my children.

Have a great weekend and see you next week for the final lunchboxes for Term 2!


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