Sense of Ease – How to Chillax With Out Stress

The sense of ease trend has recently become a popular fashion and attitude for Chinese youth. Like ‘let it rot’ or ‘lying flat’ it’s a way of being easygoing in an often tense society.

Through this process they were able to uncover the conflicting feelings of escapism and mindfulness that are at the heart of Chillax With Out.

Sense 1: To relax

One of the most enjoyable aspects of any fitness program is the opportunity to rejuvenate your oh so stressed out muscles. A quality gel like this will take the edge off and leave your muscles feeling silky smooth.

Sense 2: To take a break

The sense of taking a break is used to indicate that you are taking time out from your normal routine. This might be to relax, sleep or just spend time doing things you enjoy.

While you should definitely take a break when you need to, it’s important to have some ground rules before hand and to communicate them well.

Sense of Ease - How to Chillax With Out Stress

Sense 2 also boasts more sensors than its predecessor, including the new cEDA sensor that measures stress levels and heightened responses throughout the day to prompt users to take action on their mood.

Sense 3: To be calm

Sense of calm can be used to describe someone who isn’t anxious or tense. It can also refer to a state of peace or tranquility that is free from disturbance.

It is used to describe someone who is not in a stressful situation, or who is able to accept the worst that can happen and move on.